Udall Scholars

The Udall Scholarship provides up to $7,000 to fund undergraduate study to students who have demonstrated commitment to careers related to the environment OR to Native American and Alaska Native students who have demonstrated commitment to careers related to either tribal public policy or Native health care. Approximately 50 scholarships and 50 honorable mentions are awarded annually.

Ashley Cheung
, Honorable Mention, Community and Environmental Sociology, Conservation Biology
Rosalie Powell, Honorable Mention, Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences Communication

Grace Puc,
Honorable Mention, Environmental Sciences

Giselle Monette, Honorable Mention, Community and Environmental Sociology
Grace Puc
, Honorable Mention, Environmental Sciences

Carly Winner, Elementary Education and Environmental Studies
Anna Schmidt, Honorable Mention, Biology and Environmental Sciences

2017 – 18
Leah Johnson, Biochemistry and Environmental Studies
Kelsey Lutgen, Political Science

2016 – 17
Trina La Susa, Honorable Mention, Journalism

2015 – 16
Megs Seeley, Botany and Forest Science
Miles Tryon-Petith, Geological Engineering and Geology and Geophysics

2014 – 15
Miles Tryon-Petith, Honorable Mention, Geological Engineering and Geoscience

2013 – 14
Colin HigginsEnvironmental Studies, Geography and History 

2012 – 13
Stephanie CarnesTextile & Apparel Design  

2010 – 11
Steven Olikara, Political Science
Evan Eifler, Honorable Mention, Biological Aspects of Conservation and Botany

2009 – 10
Emily Duma, Political Science and International Studies
Steven Olikara, Political Science

 2008 – 09
Gabrielle Hinahara, International Studies and Spanish
Chelsea Rowe, Honorable Mention, Biological Systems Engineering
Lea Zeise, Honorable Mention, Mechanical Engineering

2007 – 08
Rachel Butler, Biological Aspects of Conservation and Political Science
Gabrielle Hinahara, Honorable Mention, International Studies and Spanish
Lesli Kiedrowski, Honorable Mention, Genetics
Brian Zimmerman, Honorable Mention, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2006 – 07
Martina Gast, Anthropology
Emily Heim, Biological Aspects of Conservation and Geography
Benjamin Dickey, Honorable Mention, Biochemistry and Biology

2005 – 06
Julie Curti, Geography and Political Science
Martina Gast, Anthropology

2004 – 05
Julie CurtiGeography and Political Science
Tyriina O’Neil, Biochemistry