Should I apply?

Samaa Abdurraqib (left), an instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison writing center, provides help to a student on July 16, 2008. Photo by: Bryce Richter You can’t win if you don’t apply!

As a UW–Madison student you have access to the high impact learning opportunities that build scholarship credentials (and result in an outstanding undergraduate experience!).  Whether or not you apply for a scholarship, we recommend you start exploring these opportunities early in your undergraduate career.

While UW-Madison students have done well in national scholarship competitions, it’s important to remember that many outstanding students from the top U.S. universities are nominated for prestigious national scholarships like the Truman, Goldwater, Udall, Rhodes and Marshall, and only a few receive the scholarship. But the skills you develop, and what you learn about yourself, when applying for a scholarship will serve you well regardless of the outcome.

Benefits beyond winning

Students tell us the scholarship application process is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Reflection on your experiences and values
  • Exploration of your educational and career goals, and how to achieve them
  • The ability to write and speak persuasively about your experiences and aspirations
  • Interview experience and the chance to meet interesting people, including current and future leaders in your field
  • Essays and letters of recommendations that will help with graduate or professional school applications

In students’ words:

“Applying for the Truman Scholarship challenged me to construct a personal narrative that was both honest and compelling. Constructing this story not only helped me to better understand myself, but it has also proven invaluable for applying for additional academic pursuits, jobs, and scholarships.”
~ Phoenix Rice-Johnson – Truman Scholar, 2015

“I can truly say that through scholarship applications I’ve learned more about myself and how to write than in any class.”
~ Andrew Bulovsky – Marshall Scholar, 2014; Truman Finalist, 2013

“Everything  you learn, from the application to the very end, is really worth the effort and time.”
~ Brontë Mansfield – Beinecke Scholar, 2014; Hilldale Fellow, 2014

“I still talk to an attorney I met at my first Udall conference… She has truly become a wonderful mentor to me.”
~ Martina Gast – Udall Scholar, 2006 and 2007

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