Rhodes Scholars

The Rhodes Scholarships covers tuition and fees, airfare and living expenses for two years of graduate or undergraduate study leading to a degree at the University of Oxford. Up to 32 scholarships are awarded annually to U.S. students.

Jo Alshwaish, Finalist, Computer Engineering

Sarah Almutawa, Finalist, Biology

Hawra Hlajwad, Finalist, Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering
Qianyun (Lexi) Luo, Finalist, Biochemistry and Statistics

Alex Plum, Finalist, Engineering Physics and Mathematics

Kevin Crosby, Finalist, Nutritional Sciences
Claire Evensen, Finalist, Biochemistry and Mathematics
Lauren Jorgensen, Finalist, Agronomy and Community & Environmental Sociology

Ross Dahlke, Finalist, Journalism and Political Science
Kyra Fox, Finalist, International Studies and Psychology 

Deshawn McKinney, Finalist, English

Colin Higgins
, Environmental Studies, Geography and History; MPA
Bill Mulligan, Finalist, Biochemistry

Neil Damron, Finalist, Economics and Political Science

Drew Birrenkott, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry and Political Science 

Steven Olikara
, Finalist, Political Science

Alexis Brown
, English 
Evan Mast, Finalist, Economics

2011 – Finalists:
Asad Asad
, Political Science and Spanish
Rebecca Gilsdorf, Civil & Environmental Engineering, International Engineering and African Studies
Kelly Kuschel, Political Science, History, French and Italian
Dina Marie Pitta,Neurobiology and French Literature
Rachel Witt, Biology

2010 – Finalists:
Madeline Dungy
, History
Claire Rydell, Classics and History
David Ziehr, Molecular Biology

2009 – Finalists:
Adam Lichtenheld
, Political Science and International Studies
Suchita Shah, Biology

2006 – Finalists:
Sam Hall
, Political Science and Trumpet Performance
Ben Taibleson, Economics and Political Science

Rhodes Scholars from 1904 – 2000:
Robert M. Yablon, 2000
Aaron D. Olver, 1997
James R. Wall, Jr., 1995
Wade T. Dyke, 1981
William J. Cronon, 1976
Russell D. Feingold, 1975
Paul Blustein, 1973
W. David Knox, II, 1966
Ludwig W. Bruch, 1959
V.A. Kolve, 1955
Kenneth E. Reich, 1953
John R. Searle, 1952
David S. Staiger, 1951
Robert L. Baldwin, 1950
Philip M. Kaiser, 1936
Frederick Gillen, 1935
John William Dowling, 1933
Frank Verhoek, 1933
Van L. Johnson, 1931
Clyde Kay Maber Kluckhohn, 1928
Jefferson dement Burrus, 1927
Samuel H. Sabin, 1927

Gamber F. Tegtmeyer, 1924
Clyde Burtis Emery, 1921
Leroy James Burlingame, 1919
Arthur Brittan Doe, 1913
Carl Haessler, 1911
Thomas Joseph A. McClernan, 1908
Richard Frederick Scholz, 1904