Frequently asked questions: Hilldale/Holstrom

  1. Can a sophomore apply for the Hilldale/Holstrom Award? Students must have at least junior standing (54+ credits) at the time of application.
  2. What are the formatting criteria? No more than five pages, with at least 1 inch margins and font size no smaller than 11pt. The abstract and references may be single-spaced.
  3. Does the five-page limit include the abstract, figures, and references? Yes.
  4. Who should submit the budget? In the letter of recommendation, your research advisor should include a budget statement indicating how s/he will use the $1,000 in support of your research.
  5. May I apply if my advisor will be on leave or sabbatical next year? Yes, but the advisor should state in his/her letter who will provide supervision during the time the advisor is not in residence.
  6. How much time am I required to put into the research project? You should work the time commitment out with your advisor.
  7. Do I have to present my research at the Undergraduate Symposium? Yes. If you will graduate before the symposium and will not be in town, you may ask permission to satisfy the dissemination requirement by presenting your research at a department or school/college event, or a regional or national conference.
  8. How and where do I receive my award? The fellowship is awarded through the Bursar’s Office. The certificate is presented at an awards ceremony/reception held in the spring.
  9. How do project advisors receive their awards, and do they need to report how they spend the money? Project advisors receive $1,000 to use in support of your Hilldale/Holstrom research project (for supplies, books, equipment, travel to conferences, etc…) Requests for funds should be made through the advisor’s departmental administrator. Instructions for accessing the fund containing the advisor stipend can be found in the award letter sent to student recipients and their project advisors, as well as a memo sent to departmental administrators.
  10. What are my chances? In a typical year we receive 220–250 applications.
  11. Where can I get more information about the Hilldale/Holstrom awards or help with the application? Stop by, email (awards@provost.wisc.edu) or call (608-265-2428) the Undergraduate Academic Awards Office, Room 109, 445 Henry Mall.