University of Wisconsin–Madison

Holstrom Fellows

The following students received Holstrom Environmental Research Fellowships, which include a stipend to each student and to their faculty advisers. The list below includes student names and majors, and faculty advisor names.


  • 2021

    Devin Mulrooney, Environmental Sciences; Nick Balster
    Yuren Sun, Computer Sciences, Economics, Mathematics; Zuzana Burivalova
    Hannah Vanderscheuren, Biology; Anne Pringle
    William Vuyk,  Biology, History; Catherine Woodward

  • 2020

    Samantha Bachand, Microbiology; Karthik Anantharaman
    Lauren Godfrey, Environmental Sciences; Anthony Ives
    Edward Paulsen, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences; Richard Lindroth
    Benton Veire, Genetics & Genomics; Sean Schoville

  • 2019

    Yujie Guo, Biology and Computer Sciences; Richard Lindroth
    Olivia Lopez, Conservation Biology; Erika Marin-Spiotta
    Briana Shea, Civil Engineering;  David Hart
    Emily Snelson, Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies; Brad Herrick

  • 2018

    Emma Groblewski, Biochemistry; Ophelia Venturelli
    Samuel Jaeger, Environmental Sciences; Rick Lindroth
    Evan   Routhier, Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences; William Karasov
    Alex Wolff, Mechanical Engineering; Tim Osswald

  • 2017

    Ryan Fitzsimmons, Chemistry; Monica Turner
    Sanober Mirza, Environmental Sciences and Geography; Erika Marin-Spiotta
    William Rosenthal, Genetics and Wildlife Ecology; Sean Schoville
    Marco Scarasso, Environmental Sciences and Wildlife Ecology; Jake Vander Zanden

  • 2016

    Brady Hirshfeld, Environmental Studies and Zoology; Terence Barry
    Elly King, Environmental Sciences; Doug Soldat
    Kirsten Mayer, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences; Jonathan Martin
    Megs SeeleyBotany and Forest Science; Jack Williams

  • 2015

    Patrick Dowd, Civil Engineering and Environmental Studies; Katherine McMahon
    Vera SwansonBiology and Environmental Studies; Peter McIntyre and Aaron Konig
    Morgan WalcheckPharmacology & Toxicology; William Karasov

  • 2014

    Ian AtkinsBiological Systems Engineering; Christopher Choi
    Kaitlin Jasper, Spanish; Katherine McMahon
    Maia Persche, Wildlife Ecology and Horticulture; Anna Pidgeon
    Thejas Wesley, Intended: Chemical Engineering; James A. Dumesic

  • 2013

    Jenna Carlson, Biology and Spanish; Jonathan Pauli
    Laura Linde, Chemistry and Environmental Studies; Christy Remucal
    Ran Luo, Physics and History; Judd Kinzley
    Heather Smaby, Spanish and Biochemistry; Richard Lindroth

  • 2012

    Winny Budiman, Chemical Engineering; Manos Mavrikakis
    Olivia Clifton, Mathematics; Tracey Holloway
    Emily Hilts, Wildlife Ecology; Jake Vander Zanden
    Meredith Keller, Environmental Studies, History and Political Science; Nils Ringe

  • 2011

    Ashwini Bharatkumar, Information Systems and Operations & Technology Management; Carol Barford
    Max Kruziki, Chemical Engineering; Brian Pfleger
    Cynthia Malone, Anthropology and Zoology; Karen B. Strier
    Robert Masse, Chemical Engineering; Shannon Stahl

  • 2010

    Amy Brownson, Chemical Engineering; Brian Pfleger
    Michael Crossley, Entomology; Richard Lindroth
    Jacob Oberman, Chemical Engineering; Tracey Holloway
    Kelsey Phillips, Biology; Trina McMahon

  • 2009

    Gabrielle Hinahara, International Studies and Spanish; Erika Marin-Spiotta
    Amy Kolpin, Chemistry; David Armstrong
    Evan Peissig, Zoology; Terence Barry
    Nathan Schmidt, Zoology and Biological Aspects of Conservation; William Karasov

  • 2008

    Joel Smoot, Zoology and Political Science; Stanley Dodson
    Collin Stecker, Chemistry and Japanese; Gilbert Nathanson
    Janelle Winters, Zoology and History; William Karasov