University of Wisconsin–Madison

2013 University Book Store Award Recipients

The following students received 2013 University Book Store Academic Excellence Awards. These awards are granted to students who have completed an outstanding independent project at UW-Madison, such as a senior thesis.

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Samantha Anderson, Psychology; Janet Hyde

Paul Atwell, Political Science; Michael G Schatzberg

Olivia Baldwin, English and Art; Jesse Lee Kercheval

Grace Blitzer, Biology; Randall Kimple

Gabriella Bonamici, English; Miriam Cohen

Anna Chotzen, History; Alfred McCoy

Jordan Foland, English; Jesse Kercheval

Emily Harrison, History and Political Science; Donald Downs

Henry Holmes, Dance and Computer Sciences; Li Chiao-Ping

Alexander Hoppe, Sociology; Mustafa Emirbayer

Catherine Kuecker, Spanish; Carlos Peralta

Jessica Lund, Biology and Environmental Studies; Bobbi Peckarsky

Eric Lynne, English and History; Elaine Romero

Sarah Mathews, English; Ron Wallace

Jeremy Parker, English; Ron Wallace

Claire Poelking, Geography and Environmental Studies; Lisa Naughton

Xiaoyi Qu, Biology; Paul Sondel

Paul Stevenson, Mathematics; Alyssa Knickerbocker

Eric Wiensch, Chemistry; Tehshik Yoon

Katherina Wierschke, English; Ron Wallace